Thursday, May 14, 2009

Centre College Thinks We're Cool

Okay. Revealing my "goober" side here, I have to share how happy I am to learn that "Translating & Interpreting" has been selected by Centre College as an alumni blog to feature. (The complete list can be viewed here.)

I graduated from Centre in 1999 and there are few things more I seek from this life than to make that College proud.

So, thanks, Centre, for picking me. I think you're pretty cool, too.


artsdesireglass said...

And you're the first one listed! Congrats and way to represent the class of '99!

Terena Bell - In Every Language said...

Yeah, I was pretty excited to see that, too.

Thanks, Natasha!

Shin said...

I'll be Centre College student.
Nice to meet you!