Thursday, June 25, 2009

At Our Core, We Help People

We've recently retooled ourselves here at In Every Language. Marketers and government agencies kept asking us for this thing called a mission statement. While we all know exactly who we are--what In Every Language stands for--putting that in words was tougher than you'd think for a business that works with language every day.

At our core, we help people. That's what kept coming up over and over again: we help people. We help people. Yes, we make money--somedays more than others--but the reason that I and my employees come here to work as opposed to McDonald's is because we believe in our mission.

So this is what we came up with. It's still not that beautifully concise mission statement some folks want to hear, but it is a summation of who we are. Let me know what you think:

When you place your trust with In Every Language, you and your company aren’t the only people who benefit. Your community does as well. Our focus isn’t on what makes us different from our competitors, it’s on the difference we can make.

From our school outreach project to our free translation program for refugees, we make helping others our priority. We’re not driven by money, we’re driven by change, and the work we do in our community has made such a difference, that it’s been officially recognized by two Kentucky governors.

We know that putting our commitment to community first might not be the quickest way to get you to do business with us. But before we get down to business, it’s only fair to let you know who you’re doing business with. We’re not driven by the dollar, we’re driven by the difference. This is who we are and what we set out to do when we go into work every day. And we would love to call you our partner in improving not just the way you and your company communicate, but in improving our world.

So that's it, kiddos. In case you ever wondered who those crazy chicks over at In Every Language really are, that's it right there.


Grace Vega said...

Terena -- I knew I liked you from some of your CLAS list serve postings and responses. I like you (and your company) even better after reading your mission statement (mission paragraph? ;o)Only other input I have is that there is a typo on 3rd line of 3rd paragraph. Left out the word "know" between "you" and "who".

Grace Vega

Terena Bell - In Every Language said...

Thanks, Grace, for catching that. I've made the change and appreciate your comment.

Laura Short said...

Mission statements are vital in determining a company's value system, goals and attitudes. Great job

John Lina said...

It gets across the point that you improve the world by helping individauls, comapanies, and the community in bridging language barriers.