Thursday, February 25, 2010

Part Six: How Do I Monitor an Agency’s Performance?

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There are a number of ways to monitor an agency’s performance. One is to track requests filled, requests returned, no-show and late arrival rates, billing error rates, complaints from providers, responsiveness, resolution of problems, and reoccurrence of problems. This data can usually be tracked electronically on a routine basis with a minimum of effort.

Another way is to actively solicit feedback from your front-desk and provider staff about the agency, either through routine feedback or periodic surveys. How easy is it to order an interpreter? How often do the interpreters arrive late? Are the interpreters polite? Do they engage in appropriate protocols? Do staff members have any reason to comment on the quality of the interpretation? While actively requesting feedback from the people who are using the agency on a daily basis is more cumbersome than electronic tracking, it is the best way of monitoring how the agency is doing.

Source: Roat, Cynthia E. “How to Choose and Use a Language Agency: A Guide for Health and Social Service Providers Who Wish to Contract With Language Agencies.” Los Angeles: The California Endowment, February 2003.

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