Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Translating Words, Transforming Lives

I promised to discuss Sustainable Brands more when I returned from the conference, and I will, but what I want to impart here in this blog is that WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE. No one can change our world or fix our planet but us. We all are powerful, we all can make a difference.

The difference we've chosen to make here at In Every Language is two-fold. That's why we're calling it Translation Plus Two.

I could write about it, and I'm sure in future blogs, I will, but for now, I simply want to introduce the idea that translation can be more and do more. (See how in the video I edited below.)

Translation has the power to change the world, just like you and I do. We can simply translate words or we can translate words AND transform lives. It's your decision when you choose a translation company to do only one, or both.

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